Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sword Art Online OP - Crossing Field

Before we start, let me give a shout out to AlternateHardstyle, a good friend of mine is one of the two producers behind Alternate, and let me say, he has been the biggest help to me in regards to my youtube videos. A significant amount of editting goes into a video before i upload it. No, not that kind of editting, i leave my mistakes in for all to see. The major issue is, whilst my digital piano, the Yamaha YDPV-240, sounds amazing through directly connected headphones, a great deal of this sound quality is lost when recorded into my computer. I've not identified the problem yet, whether it be the sound capturing software, or the audio cable, remains unbeknownst to me. However the issue remains, pieces when recorded, sound horrendous in comparison as when played from my piano. My first few videos feature raw audio files and you can clearly see the imbalance in frequency dynamics and such, the bass is extremely overpowering, the pedal doesn't come clear, the reverb is messy, such and such.

What Alternate does for me, is he pretty much touches up the audio quality. He adds in the reverb, balances out the low frequency lines, amplifies the sound, and so on. All owing due to the fact that i suck with FL studio and he is a hardstyle producer. Of course, i haven't found a general template that i'd like to stick with yet, so we've been messing around with the audio in all my recent videos, you'll find they're all slightly different to one another.

Today, he taught me how to process my audio files the way he does it before i upload, so i'll need not to pester him anymore :P. This is the first time i've processed the audio by myself, so i apologise if it, for lack of a better word, sucks. I promise i'll get better though!!

So once again, thank you to AlternateHardstyles! If you guys are a fan of hardstyle music, do be sure to check them out!

Now moving on to this video

As those who have seen the previous post will know, i encountered an issue whilst recording this piece. The camera and it's poorly timed auto-focus. You can also watch the video to witness the raw audio i get.

After a couple retakes, i finally managed to get a take i was satisfied with, and here it is! Now the accompaniment i used in the verses is actually very similar to one of that present in 'The Other Promise' from the Kingdom Hearts' Piano Collections, i believe it's the harmony present when the central tune is played for the first time.

The reason for this was, well, firstly i think it's a very cool thing to do and pays homage to respected pieces, people who have played 'The Other Promise' and move on to play my cover of 'Crossing Field' will smirk as they realise the similarities. Secondly, in the original recording, there is actually a very prominent bass line playing a sick passage during the verse. I wasn't bothered enough to rewrite the exact same passage note for note to replicate it, but i did do one similar :P

Like i said in the video description, i'd imagine my transcription is quite simple, in terms of harmonic structure at least, nothing too extravagant and quite repetitious. The most difficult part to replicate on the piano was the second bar before the first repetition of the chorus. That bar had a Bb maj tonality with an upward crotchet motif starting from D to G. Not the most pleasant passage to play and certainly not easy (to me) to arrange onto piano.

Well that's all for this transcription, enjoy!

Sheet Music & MIDI: MIDI / PDF